To teach and equip expectant and new parents, in a caring and respectful manner, the skills, knowledge and confidence to trust their own instincts and intuition.

About Me

Babywearing Guru and Postpartum Doula, passionate to support and carry you through the 4th Trimester and beyond.

I am here to provide you with practical and emotional support, offering you gentle encouragement and guidance in finding your own path on this life changing journey. I will help you to have confidence in trusting your own instincts and support you, without judgement in making the right choices for you and your family. It is my goal to gift you more time and energy to bond with your baby and for you to have a calm and enjoyable start to parenthood.

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"I have held you this way since you were brand new, for what they  say, the sayings are true.  The moments too precious, the cuddles too few. And nothing in the World I would rather do, than be here to carry and cuddle you"


Babywearing is the modern word given to carrying your baby close to you and up where they have a view of the world in some form of carrier instead of in arms. Babywearing has been used all around the world for centuries.

Our babywearing services can include going over all aspects of babywearing. the benefits, the different types of carriers available, demonstrations using a weighted doll and more.

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Postpartum Care

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."


A Doula is a continuous comforting presence, offering reassurance and encouragement, showing a caring and empathetic attitude and helping you and your partner work through fears and self-doubt about parenting and life after baby arrives.

Our Doula service includes providing newborn education for parents, caring for the mother as she recovers from birth, breastfeeding support, housekeeping and so much more

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"I learnt so much from Shelley. She was so generous with her time and experience. She answered a million questions (almost literally) and thanks to the time I spent with her I grew to trust myself a bit more as a mother. I'm so grateful for that and I highly recommend her as a baby wearing consultant and a postpartum doula."

— Beth

"Shelley, you are such a beautiful soul and my time with you has been such an important part of my postpartum journey. I am honoured to have you in my village."

— Le Anna