As a Postpartum Doula, my first priority is caring for the new mother. I am here to make sure they are rested and relaxed, assist with breastfeeding, and building confidence in caring for the new baby. Whether your family has welcomed multiples, a preemie, or a baby with special needs I can help you get off to a great start by lightening the load.

A Doula is a continuous comforting presence, offering reassurance and encouragement, showing a caring and empathetic attitude and helping you and your partner work through fears and self-doubt about parenting and life after baby arrives.


Ways I can serve you as your Doula


  • Postpartum Planning Sessions - to learn the needs of the expectant family and answer any questions
  • Phone, text and email support
  • Caring for the mother as she recovers from birth
  • Processing her birth experience
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Bottlefeeding tips, as well as bottle and pump cleaning and sterilization
  • Changing diapers, both disposable or cloth
  • Baby wearing assistance, education, and demonstrations
  • Swaddling baby
  • Soothing strategies to reduce crying
  • Sleep education and routines
  • Basic Baby Massage Instruction
  • General newborn education for parents
  • Light housekeeping, nursery organisation, laundry and food prep
  • Provide resources and referrals for professional services to assist in mother or baby’s healing process (massage, chiropractor, pediatrician support, IBCLCs, support groups, etc.)
  • Care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some time with their older child(ren)
  • Running small errands

Everyone’s postpartum needs are different and hours can vary greatly from client to client. Ultimately your specific needs will determine what type of postpartum care is needed and for how long it will be needed

Support is billed at $35/hr with a 3 hour minimum shift.


Have any other questions? Check out our FAQ page for more info or get in touch.

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Learn what it's like in the life of a Doula...

A day in a life of a postpartum doula is different with every mother, and will change day to day depending on the mood of the mother.

During our postpartum planning session, we would have come up with a plan for out time together and would have made a loose structure around the mother’s requests. I am very flexible and able to adapt quickly.

Typically I arrive around 9am and I will stay for 3 hours. I come and see you wherever you are. I would expect to find you comfortable- whether that's in your pyjamas, in bed, on the couch cuddling your baby, or doing whatever brings you the most comfort and peace. I may see a load of laundry on the floor and I can sit and fold this as we have a chat...

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Kind Words From My Lovely Clients...

"I learnt so much from Shelley. She was so generous with her time and experience. She answered a million questions (almost literally) and thanks to the time I spent with her I grew to trust myself a bit more as a mother. I'm so grateful for that and I highly recommend her as a baby wearing consultant and a postpartum doula."

— Beth

"Shelley, you are such a beautiful soul and my time with you has been such an important part of my postpartum journey. I am honoured to have you in my village."

— Le Anna