Babywearing is the modern word given to carrying your baby close to you and up where they have a view of the world in some form of carrier instead of in arms. It has been used all around the world for centuries. Carrying your baby helps you keep your baby calm & close, while freeing up your hands to tackle the day.

Allow me to assist you in finding the perfect carrier for your family or to achieve the perfect fit with your current carrier.

Babywearing Consultations are appropriate in both the prenatal and postpartum stages!

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Shelley Doula

Tum-to-Mum Package

3.5hrs, 3 part consult - $180 $130

Tum-to-mum is the ideal gift to give expectant parents or anyone wanting to carry their baby right from the start. You could also learn how a wrap can be useful during pregnancy and labour too.

Part 1

It begins with a 2 hour antenatal consult, with an introduction to babywearing. You will learn about newborn physiology and the benefits of babywearing. You will see the different options available and I will demonstrate the carriers to you, using a specially weighted doll. After which you may choose your preferred carrier and will learn a carrying position suitable for a newborn baby as well as go over babywearing safety.

Part 2

The second consult will happen during the weeks just after baby is born. This consult is 1 hour long and it will help you to build confidence to wear your baby with your chosen carrier and I will answer any question you have.

Part 3

The third consult is to be used before baby is 6 months old. This is a 30 minute tips 'n tweak consult alternatively we can look at any other carrier if you are thinking of changing. ie: stretchy wrap to a woven or soft structured carrier.

If you are feeling confident with your carrier, we can look at swapping these two consults around. So doing a tips 'n tweak when baby is born and then learning a different carry when your baby is older.

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Kind Words From My Lovely Clients...


"I learnt so much from Shelley. She was so generous with her time and experience. She answered a million questions (almost literally) and thanks to the time I spent with her I grew to trust myself a bit more as a mother. I'm so grateful for that and I highly recommend her as a baby wearing consultant and a postpartum doula."


"Shelley, you are such a beautiful soul and my time with you has been such an important part of my postpartum journey. I am honoured to have you in my village."

-Le Anna