A day in a life of a postpartum doula is different with every mother, and will change day to day depending on the mood of the mother.

During our postpartum planning session, we would have come up with a plan for out time together and would have made a loose structure around the mother’s requests. I am very flexible and able to adapt quickly.

Typically I arrive around 9am and I will stay for 3 hours. I come and see you wherever you are. I would expect to find you comfortable; whether that’s in your pajamas, in bed, on the couch cuddling your baby, or doing whatever brings you the most comfort and peace.

I may see a load of laundry on the floor and I can sit and fold this as we have a chat. We can chat about the night before and how things are going. As a mother guided talk, I listen and ask questions and hold space for releases and whatever is needed for recovery and healing from birth, or birth story and matrescence processing, for when a baby is born, so is a Mother. This could also be a time we could do a bit of information research to find the answers you need.

After this you may want to have a long bath, I can carry your baby in the carrier and start doing some light chores while you take time out and relax.

Depending on your package, I may teach you how to carry your baby using the wrap that I bring, or help you get confident with a carrier you may have already. You may want to learn how to do a basic baby massage, which is a beautiful way to strengthen the connection with your baby, each gentle stroke will leave your baby feeling loved and nurtured. It helps them to relax, can soothe a grumbling tummy and reduce crying and stress. I can bring a belly bind to give you and teach you how to use it daily to support your pelvic floor, abs and core strength.

The physiological and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and after birth can take a toll on a birthing person’s physical, mental and emotional health. The aim of our time together is to help you through the transition to motherhood. If a mother can focus solely on healing, recovery and bonding with her baby in the first 40 days after giving birth, she sets herself up for the next 40 years.

We would have planned how many times I will come to you in our postpartum planning session but generally I like to see my mothers 1-2 times a week, so they feel supported and nourished emotionally and physically.

I suggest we start our sessions as soon after birth as possible. Since mom is so fresh from the birth, I really strive to help her stay in bed or on the couch as much as possible and to aid her healing by doing everything I can around the home, so that she can focus on resting her pelvic floor, her perineum, and/or her wound from her caesarean birth. It is also an important time to establish breastfeeding. I can also be there to help with the transition when a partner goes back to work, figuring out daily schedules to best meet the parents’ work demands and the needs of baby, setting up systems for success for household management once life enters a new level of complexity.

After our time together, we will still have contact for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, with the option of carrying on after. I am always available for extra days but my aim is to do myself out of a job and empower you, so you can find your version of peace and joy in motherhood.

It is very special to witness a woman become a mother and to support her through one of the biggest transitions of her life.

I am so honoured to walk along side of you on your parenting journey with your newest addition. I’m here to “carry you through”.

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